Childrens Safety Magic

Scott combines his more than 30 years experience as a fulltime safety professional and more than 30 years as a magician to present an informative safety message for children. This performance has been designed for children in kindergarten through to grade eight. 


Scott's show is not just another magic show. This is a safety program that is both educational and entertaining. Scott is a safety presenter first and a magician second. The message is more important than the magic. Magic does not save lives; the message saves lives. The magic is there to keep the audience's attention, the message is there to save lives. 


Magic is the perfect vehicle for delivering facts and invoking emotions to deliver a vital message in a memorable fashion to a young audience. Scott has carefully selected and properly integrated magic effects to highlight many lifesaving concepts. 

Scott's Children's Safety Magic Show will inform the audience as well as getting them involved, inspired and motivated to be safe when they are on the street.

Fire Safety

A fire at home can be deadly. This fire services approved program looks at fire prevention as well as how to spot fire hazards. The show also teaches what to do should the unthinkable happen, and there is a house fire.

Street Safety

Every day children walk on the streets  of a city or town and come in contact with strangers. This interactive show teaches the audience members how to safely navigate on the street and how to be aware of the dangers they offer. It also teaches how to recognize and deal with a stranger should they be approached on the street.

Stop Bullies

Bullies should not be allowed to exist or be tolerated. This show uses magic to teach why bullying is not acceptable. It also involves the audience members so they learn what bullying is and how to safely deal with a bully.

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